3D Modeling

3D Modeling is the perfect tool to digitally build anything you can think of. Whether that is taking a house blueprint and building the house to scale to visualize the end build. we can build a room and everything in it and help designers and homeowners fulfill their vision for a space. an inventor may have a great idea and need a 3d visualization of the idea or new product. An engineer may need a build of a landscape or situation and want an animated simulation of a specific scenario. There are many situations where 3D Modeling is a valuable asset. Below are just a few examples of what the tin seeds company is able to provide. your imagination is the limit.

A simple room. All of the furniture, floor, windows, books and deco are all 3d modeled and then texture. The key to photo realism is lighting, shadows and reflections.
An old farmhouse. The house, ground, and water are all 3d modeled and textured. The grass is a particle system that is customizable in length, shape, color, and any other parameters.